From the densely wooded suburbs just outside of Oslo a deep, dark sound has emerged with the sonic intensity of an Armageddon and the wistful sonorities of the birds. Æsthetica are a self-styled doom, post-rock band from Kolbotn whose live shows have mesmerised audiences for its fierce fervour and great big swathes of sound that envelop the listener like a mysterious mist. Combining elements of doom, progressive blues rock, eastern scales and even tubas, Æstethica have cultivated a sound uniquely their own and their debut album “Sonorous Æon” is bringing this to the physical format for the first time.

Theirs is a bold new sound lifted from the petrified footsteps left by bands like Black Sabbath, Swans and Godspeed! You black Emperor and shaped by a stark coldness that lies beyond the tundra. Æsthetica’s textures are dense and powerful and without provocation they lure the listener into a calm noise that lies just beyond the superficial. It’s a quiet noise that’s best experienced in the live context, which the young four-piece group dominate with a sonic presence that could make an act like Motörhead appear tame.

Described by Gylve "Fenriz" Nagell as "a new dimension in the doom-metal history" and featured in Metal Hammer Norway's "Bands to look out for", Æsthetica is definitely a band to keep an eye on.


aesthetica fysisk format post rock