Albany, New York-based melodic pop-punk band Postage unleash their dynamic and catchy debut album.

Made up of veteran members of other punk rock bands (Signal Lost, Male Patterns, After the Fall, Mystery Girl, Wet Specimens), Postage is a melodic pop-punk band from New York.

Postage are unleashing their new album, the self-titled Postage, on November 5th via Dirt Cult Records.

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of the LP in its entirety a week before its official release.

Postage is a dynamic, catchy, and unrelenting ride with band members Mike Moak (guitars, vocals), Tyler Paige (guitar), Chris Millington (drums), and Eric Pressman (bass) deftly balancing emotional aggression and sonic abrasion with tuneful melodics and driving tempos.

Defiantly exclaimed vocals run through the record, with each track blasting on by with wiry and careening guitar riffs, angular bass line drop, and mercurial, rapid-fire drumming.

This music is meant to be cranked to the max. Raucous songs slam fast as vocals alternate between frustration and anger and more heartfelt bursts of expression. Some chorus sections are anthemic shouts into the void, while others are more inclusively sing-along.

“Onward” is a rally cry to stay positive amid hard times, with Moak passionately declaring, “Gotta keep on moving forward / Gotta keep on pushing on.”

It’s a mantra that informs the rest of the songs on the album, which never lets up in its break-neck pace, or in its high-powered instrumentation and sentiments.

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