Philadelphia-based outfit The Superweaks create a multi-platform music experience.

Philadelphia, PA-located alternative rock band The Superweaks released their latest record, Teenage Blob EP, in mid-August, and with a twist of ingenuity have also unveiled an accompanying video game via Steam to go along with the EP’s songs.

The timing of the multi-platform music experience couldn’t be more, well, timely, since the theme of the video game is about a cash-strapped teen who want to go to a show and party hard, dude.

Of course, these days, we have to live vicariously through the latest Bill & Ted movie and countless live streams – and now we can actively participate in this fun video game where the main character takes on various tasks to earn enough cash to get to live performance.

Fans of classics like Paperboy and Guitar Hero will find much to like with Teenage Blob, as well as other types of video games. There are six specific games that reflect the six different songs on the EP, all done via engaging hand-drawn set-ups by South African video game developer Team Lazerbeam.

The Superweaks balance emo contemplation and perceptive lyrics about loss and oppression with rousingly anthemic rock.

The band is comprised of Evan Bernard and Chris Baglivo at the core, with a rotating cast of contributing musician friends. They’ve endured their fair share of hardships (Bernard’s younger brother Corey, who was the group’s bass player, passed away in 2016), but persevere in the face of life’s challenges, including continuing to release compelling music.


Play the game:

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