And what happened recently that’s absolutely the grossest, most villainous bullshit that only some fiend in a Hollywood suit could dream up? Billionaire dickhead, (who also happens to be paying all of the big meme accounts to make him seem cool and fun) Mike Bloomberg told supporters that he’d love to have Hilary Clinton as his running mate. The Democratic establishment doesn’t want Bernie Sanders to win so much, that they’d drag Clinton up from the grave once again, to play second banana to another out of touch rich guy with a dubious track record at best, and we’re all supposed to bow down because he got rich before he turned forty. 


Welcome to the 2020 election cycle. 


Four the last four years, the left has basically had one slogan: fuck you, Donald Trump. No other political figure has been as polarizing as he is and everyone who’s not attached by their top and bottom lips to the underside of his disgusting, flabby balls would agree. 

The continuing narrative of the primaries should be pretty straightforward: who can we elect who can beat Trump. And give them every weapon on earth to do so be it money, ninja stars or some powder to counteract that orange dye homeboy slathers on before leaving the crypt.

The DNC wants you to believe that, but let’s be honest about what we all know: it’s a con job and will be till the very last vote is tallied. The DNC does not want Bernie Sanders to win the nomination. In fact, it’s the absolute last thing they want. While they pretend to be these woke arbiters of national dignity, the DNC is nothing but a dog and pony show trying to salvage the internal wreckage that is their party.

There’s not a lot to misread here: Bernie Sanders is leading a progressive charge. He’s nuking his competitors. He’s leading nationally over everyone, including the party establishment’s beloved Joe Biden, who’s grade A gross and entirely out of touch. (Malarkey, anyone?) But, as Sanders neck chops these assholes left and right, proving that he’s not a fluke candidate, the Democratic National Committee refuses to embrace his momentum. 


The attacks are home grown


Biden isn’t leading in a single poll post-New Hampshire, while Sanders leads them all. One or two more knockout punches like Nevada and South Carolina, and it’s confirmed Sanders is the guy. Only Mayor Pete portends to give Sanders any semblance of a fight so far in this contest.

People are energized, but they’re also not stupid. The Democratic base has shifted towards progressive ideals, many rooted in Democratic Socialism, which is a backward term considering it’s just investing in people and not letting corporate oligarchs continue to rape and pillage the American working class, but who’s paying attention, anyhow? The reason people are even semi-committed to anyone but Sanders isn’t on platform, but instead based on one thing and one thing only: can this person beat Donald Trump? That’s it. There’s no other motivating factor. 

The Sanders campaign is fueled by a lot of demographics. The more people hear his message and aren’t beaten over the head with the faux truth of Hillary Clinton’s “I never trusted the guy” bullshit, people are getting the message. Millennials and Generation Z are rooting for the cool, old Jewish grandpa from Vermont. The party is moving toward the hard left and gee golly, Republican in sheep’s clothing Mayor Pete isn’t the force to stop the change. Mayor Pete is nothing but Republican light that old liberal can feel good about electing. His policies suck and he’s the least fun gay dude, ever.


Sanders message has always been simple: Medicare for all.  


Bernie’s plan is essentially this: the healthcare system is unbelievably fucked up. There are 34M uninsured people, and even more who are underinsured – folks that if they get cancer, are doomed for hospital costs to essentially murder them. Everyone knows the insurance system is a total racket. The current healthcare system isn’t about wellness, it’s about profit. 

For seniors, the Medicare system has proven to work, despite Republicans saying it’s a broken system. Instead, this bill promises comprehensive inpatient and outpatient hospital care; emergency services; primary and preventive services; prescription drugs; mental health and substance abuse treatment. It’s one bill, no bullshit hidden fees. 

Mayor Pete’s “Medicare for all who want it” essentially is still propping up the insurance agencies with subsidies, and for the uninsured, the public option would be an affordable safety net, so nothing really changes and the insurance companies essentially still get to fleece people. When you read the whole thing, it’s just like, why? Why not go whole hog and say fuck the insurance companies? It makes no sense. Again, it’s the tether to corporate donors. 

Trump’s a folk hero for assholes. Rich people shouldn’t be in charge of America, yet here we are.

Mayor Pete, on the other hands is getting cash from Facebook, Disney, Amazon, JP Morgan, and Bank of America, to name a few. And thirteen billionaire donors have also cut big checks, too. One billionaire’s wife cut Sanders a big check and he returned it, citing it went against everything his campaign stands for. Sanders campaign is run by small donations. Like, $10 a pop. I’m not even going to bother listing who’s backing Biden. You already know it’s big corporate money. And fuck Bloomberg, once again.

And for the corporate shill Dems, this frightens them. The DNC wants a safe, middle of the road candidate. Somehow they’re trying to sell “energizing” Amy Klobuchar. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Klobuchar is not going to get elected. Also, don’t fall for her progressive stance on anything. 

Look up her track record as a prosecutor in Minnesota, she basically took every chance possible to lock up black kids and created a school to prison pipeline with the laws she drafted up while in office. 


There’s blood on those dollar bills


The DNC is built on donor cash and all of that glad-handing bullshit that Sanders and his people are not into. Consider Tulsi Gabbard, a candidate who’s a progressive like Sanders, but has been completely shut down by mainstream media. The only difference between her and Sanders is that they’ve tried to ignore his campaign, not give it credence, but when you’re drawing thousands nightly, that’s hard to dismiss. Gabbard, on the other hand, has strong support, but because of her decisive opinions on pointless wars and meeting with foreign enemies, she’s somehow viewed as this Ice queen-bitch-villain. 

There have been some interesting points of view during this go-round, Andrew Yang, never a front runner did give us pause about the validity of universal income, and what America looks like socially, along with infrastructure moving into a new decade. Mike Bloomberg slimed his way onto the national teet with his billions, still trying to pretend he’s a Democrat when he’s nothing but a Republican who likes to occasionally mix it up with other races only when it offers a good photo-op. Don’t believe me? Lookup stop and frisk in New York – that was Bloomberg’s baby.

Elizabeth Warren deserves our respect, but it’s just not her go-round. She’s second banana in the progressive camp. She’s ultra-prepared and would be an absolute asset to anyone’s team, but the presidency isn’t happening. Warren got mangled in New Hampshire, a state that’s next to her home state of Massachusetts. If you can’t do well in your own hood, what’s that say about the campaign? 


Expect the worst and strap in


The DNC will push everything toward a contested nomination – they have to unless, by a massive get, Sanders can close out a few more boxes. What the DNC doesn’t and won’t admit to themselves is that Sanders will likely go rogue if he secures the wins fair and square – why wouldn’t he go as an Independent if they try to screw him again? People aren’t dumb. We remember 2016. Our eyes are open to the shady shit we see going on every day. Trump is a scumbag liar who Republicans worship out of fear, he’s a folk hero for assholes. Rich people shouldn’t be in charge of America, yet here we are. 

The longstanding lines of our woeful two-party system have typically been: one is for the rich. The other is the working class and the poor. You’d think that the system would continually weed out the rich folks because there’s so few of them, but nope. Instead, the GOP has the courts, the white house, and the lobby for just about every industry that shoves a boot up the ass of the country: as long as there’s money to be made, fuck it. 

Money controls everything in politics. All know it. We live with it, despite the idea of some kind of class war that’s been the elephant in the room for almost every election since Eisenhower. The traditional Democrats haven’t fought on behalf of actual working-poor and working-class people, they’re a checker to be moved on the board, a point to be won because the idea is that “we care.” 

Now that Sanders is in the lead, that attitude and its history are challenged. The Sanders campaign is an existential threat to traditional politics and how the machine can keep grinding up the bones of those who support it, no matter what color tie they wear to the rally. 


The establishment is squirming


It's fun to watch people like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi shit their britches over the Sanders wave. I’m on their hypothetical team and know they shouldn’t be millionaires from politics. If you get rich off serving the people, there’s a rat in the house, and boy howdy are there a lot of rats. Bernie’s got a little dough, but can at least show you how he made it – selling books and that Senator’s salary.  He did it without swallowing the ham of some Wall Street jerk. Despite all of the attack bullshit corporate dems throw on his fire, Sanders has managed to keep a job, get on a bunch of committees, without being on the take, and his track record is crystal clear. Who’s the clown now?

The guy is basically a soundboard of the same ideas: war bad, healthcare good, make college affordable, make rich dudes pay taxes. How is Medicare for all a bad thing? How is solving inequality a bad thing? You can stump for investing in the inner cities of America, but until you actually do, it’s hollow bullshit. 


Do we actually believe in democracy?


The Sanders campaign is the mirror image of Trump’s – it’s about changing the face of a system that’s screwed a lot of people for a long time. (Trump’s side is obviously racist and gross, designed for nationalist fear, but anyhow.) Most Americans will tell you straight up that the American Dream means nothing to them.

If you get rich off serving the people, there’s a rat in the house, and boy howdy are there a lot of rats.

The former chief of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein melted down Twitter, “If Dems go on to nominate Sanders, the Russians will have to reconsider who to work for to best screw up the US. Sanders is just as polarizing as Trump, AND he’ll ruin our economy and doesn’t care about our military. If I’m Russian, I go with Sanders this time around.” 

The Sanders campaign immediately clapped back: “This is what panic from the Wall Street elite looks and sounds like,” Faiz Shakir, Sanders’ campaign manager, tweeted back, probably wearing a pair of shades like a real savage. And really, are you surprised? The dude wants to tax the shit out of people who are making billions, and in 2012 Sanders called Blankfein “the face of class warfare.” LOL. 

The American system is broken. People are working, but they’re not getting ahead. The only ones benefiting are the mega-rich. We’re left holding the bag. Bernie Sanders is pushing a narrative that people can get behind if the DNC and their lackeys who love them in the press stop talking shit. If you don’t think angry grandpa can get it done, who can? Ask yourself that honestly, drink a cup of coffee and don’t try to make one of those insane maps with the red string. Sanders is the asshole you want. He’s not changed his message or probably his suit coat in about as long as I’ve been alive (1981.) Plus, never forget Mayor Pete held a fundraiser in a fucking wine cave. Don’t believe me? Google it. 

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