Seattle-based classic rock ‘n’ roll Sundogs unleash a vibrant and fun performance video for a track off their new album.

Seattle-based (by way of Fremont, CA) rock ‘n’ roll band Sundogs are inspired by a variety of genres, from classic rock ‘n’ roll to jazz fusion. They just released their latest album, The Code, at the end of May via Magellan Creek Studios in Seattle.

The Code is the third album from Stan Snow and Jed Moffitt and it reveals their passion for retro-rock, from the vintage guitar sounds to the lively keyboard solos. High on the list too are catchy melodies and strong songwriting.

They say that they approach their music creation like fans and listen to their inner voice, stating, ”If it sounds good to us and it's something that we like listening to over and over, that is the driving force in how we write, arrange, produce and record. We are doing it for the pure joy of it.” And even though they just unleashed The Code, they’re already at work on their next LP.

Sundogs recently unveiled a vibrant performance video of “I Want It Now,” a dynamic track from The Code. The duo, totally in tune with playing their instruments, are superimposed upon a stream of outdoor scenery, from crowded city streets to busy roadways, and sometimes amusingly placed, like in front of a flying flock of seagulls. Take a gander below:


Purchase/Stream The Code at “Bandcamp”:

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