The Alabama based heavy crew have added Elizabeth Nikollaj as their lead vocalist, with the music video for “The Devil Effect” streaming now

Uplifting hard rock that captivates and moves has been the modus operandi of CloZure since the release of their debut, self-titled record in September 2022.

Now, with the addition of new vocalist, Elizabeth Nikollaj, and partnering with a star-studded production team, the band are back with scintillating new single, "The Devil Effect".


The band explains: "“The Devil Effect is our first release with Nikollaj fronting CloZure. With the guidance of award winning producer Malcolm Springer, we were really able to push the boundaries of our music on the new track. The song is really an anti-Valentines Day anthem. It’s about being scorned by those you call close, and then to find your real family, your army, and call them out as you rise above. Like Nikollaj says in the track, “from ashes to my throne”. We’re beyond excited to share this and hope our fans old and new love it like we do!”

Alabama rockers CloZure haven't taken long to strike an exhilarating balance of atmospheric alternative rock with cascading instrumentation and rousing choruses.

2022 saw the release of rookie record CloZure, a thunderous and high-octane marriage of scintillating riffs and soaring melodies. The collection received a promising reception, streaming over 200K times on Spotify alone, with the band landing a massive 1 million views on YouTube across their three music videos to date.

Moving into 2024, the new year has seen a new beginning for the talented upstarts. New vocalist Elizabeth Nikollaj has been an instant hit, with the transition laying the perfect groundwork for their latest track. Produced by 4x Grammy winner Malcolm Springer and mastered by Peter Keys of Lynyrd Skynyrd, "The Devil Effect" is CloZure's most gripping title to date.

What remains the same is the band's potent and unapologetic brand of hard rock, which fans of Within Temptation, I Prevail and Evanescence sure to be enticed by new single "The Devil Effect".

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