After a year out playing live, shaping their sound, ‘KEEF’ return to release a nostalgia themed track ‘Adela Road’. The band worked alongside local recording engineer/producer Jonathan Tringham (Split, Crawlers,The Racket) at Allo Sound studios, Widnes.

Adela Road was inspired by a period of time when singer/songwriter 'Mike Juvenile' lived on the road. Deep routed within the family the place held memories that went back to his childhood. Then unbeknownst to him, he unexpectedly had to leave the place where he felt secure and was forced to choose a road of uncertainty. Even though life moves on and things change in time, the place still holds memories that can be easily evoked when revisiting.

The song highlights the feeling of holding onto memories which you'll inevitably have to let go in time. It explores the theme of impermanence which can be difficult to face when you're invested in the past.