Ranting Bullshit

Well hey- I was supposed to be writing for this magazine since like 2 months ago, and let me tell you I already interviewed Gregg Ginn from Black Flag, got contacts for future bands and have gone to like 3 shows I want to review. But guess what? I got kicked out of my house, just like the last time I wanted to start writing for john. Fuck is it just me or maybe anything I do with R.N. might just be an omen that bad shit is going to happen to me.

Well anyway the last time I let that shit deter me from writing but not this time. I am fuckin' dedicated to making this shit work this time. And the last time I dicked a band out of an interview-I felt really bad too. Well this time let me just tell you, there will be that interview with Greg Ginn going up soon, and some reviews, and a fuckin' article I've been working on. I may not have a home, but as long as I get a p.c. to work on, I'll keep putting it out.

I know you're thinking-so what I don't give a shit about what your own drama is--but I really just wanted John to know that I am still trying to make this happen,and I wanted to let all the readers know that I got some shit coming so please keep on the look-out.

Homeless Kitty----catch ya guys later;)