Wattie Buchan of the exploited was severely beaten over mistaken nazi ties

Punk's not dead ... but it's been knocked unconscious.

Exploited front man Wattie Buchan was allegedly assaulted by 12 attackers in Madrid. Reports say that he was hit over the head with metal bars and left unconscious. The band's official blog contends attackers singled Buchan out after seeing photographs of him online and mistaking him for a nazi.

"Anyway a picture takes a second to take and every one thinks that they know what's going on by looking at a split second and make up their minds on that picture," the band's statement read. "We are fed up with trying to explain to people that we are not Nazis. There is a picture on the net with Wattie and the U.K. Subs with Charlie Harper and the guys are all doing the salute for a joke. People see this picture and don't realize the circumstances in which it was taken."