Ian MacKaye Selects Nina Simone Documentary for Maryland Film Festival

The Maryland Film Festival, to be held in Baltimore this May, approached D.C. punk legend Ian MacKaye to host a film of his choosing at this year's festival. MacKaye, the former Minor Threat/Fugazi frontman and currently of The Evens, has been featured in a number of punk documentaries such as American Hardcore, We Jam Econo, and Need That Record, and he also wrote the score for the doc about his own work for The Instrument. Legendary for his humility and unlikely influences, MacKaye chose Nina Simone: La Légende, a rarely-screen 1992 French TV documentary on the Priestess of Soul. MacKaye will lead a post-show discussion on Simone, who died in 2003 (and will always be immortalized in my mind from Julie Delpy's homage at the end of Before Sunset), on May 9 at Baltimore's Charles Theater.

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