We love us some Matt Pless here at Rebel Noise HQ so we couldn't be more psyched to bring you this new video. You may know him from his folk punk adjacent, acoustic endeavors like the masterful "When The Frayed Wind Blows" but like Dylan in '65, Matt is going electric with his new album and hitting the stage with a full band behind him. IMO one of the most underrated artists of our time and one hell of a prolific songwriter.

Here's what Matt had to say about the new single and video for "Disco Ball".

"Disco Ball" is a song about excess. I wrote it with the dark side of fame, conformity, and high society culture in mind. It's got alot to do with ego and riding the fast lane of too much fun over the edge. I kinda see our society as this sort of comical circus of plastic trash and I tried to capture that in the video. I basically threw a party at my friends store called Protean Books and Records in Baltimore, told everybody to get spun up like a flashy lunatic and that was basically it. I love the 1932 Todd Browning movie 'Freaks' and the video has the spirit of that plot line in mind. It was fun to shoot. It's  the first single off my upcoming full-length album called 'Cheap Shots on the Rocks' released through Say-10 and Gunner Records.


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