The Pittsburgh-based fuzz-rock collective has unveiled “Sight to See” – a melodic rock ballad of epic proportions in a promising preview of what’s to come.

A rock revival is underway in the American Rust Belt. Only this time, it’s not arriving in a flurry of tight pants and big hair. Instead, the modern-day mantle is being carried by a trio of men donning astronaut attire in the former steel town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Formed by Joey Troupe (guitar, vocals) and James May (bass, vocals), Melt first broke onto the local music scene in 2020 and quickly gained attention for their energetic live performances and unique extraterrestrial aesthetic. In 2021, the band released their self-titled debut and after the addition of drummer and vocalist J.J. Young in 2022, they immediately got to work on new material.

After writing our first album, which came together during the shutdown of 2020, I was somewhat nervous about how another batch of songs would come together. I thought we had more darkness to unload, but I wasn’t entirely sure that Melt wasn’t a pandemic baby. To our pleasant surprise, new songs came easy and they came heavy. —Joey Troupe

Breaking the standard formula of lead vocalist/supporting band that many modern acts follow, their new work showcases the writing prowess and vocal talents of each of Melt’s members. “Sight to See,” for example, was both written by and features lead vocals from the band’s bassist, James May. 

Compelled to add a song in a 3:4 time signature to the band’s repertoire, May wrote “Sight to See” as an ode to when someone knows a situation is toxic and is aware of the consequences it will bring, but chooses to stay against their better judgment. Paired with May’s introspective lyrics and biting vocals, the song's powerful instrumentation creates a sonic landscape that oscillates between haunting contemplation and triumphant catharsis.

While I think it can be interpreted in many ways, for me, the song is about being so wrapped up in an experience that you’re unwilling to escape, despite being physically able to leave at any moment. It’s almost as if one is resigning to be comfortably unhinged. — James May

Though Melt’s persona is decidedly fun, one would be sorely mistaken to write them off as some sort of gimmick, as the trio is creating rock music of the highest caliber. Featuring searing vocals and an Iron Maiden-indebted harmonized bridge, "Sight to See” serves as an excellent example of Melt’s ability to leverage influence from the pillars of rock to push the boundaries of modern music.

Give “Sight to See” a listen below and stay tuned for more from the trio:

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