The tuneful and dynamic act was formed by 3 friends in the middle of the pandemic.

There’s a newer pop-punk outfit on the scene. Sketching Youth are taking their rock, hip-hop, and pop influences and rolling it all into their tuneful and dynamic upcoming debut album.

Yung Rekkles Life explodes on December 10th, and follows up 5 previous singles and accompanying music videos.

The act is made up of three friends who joined forces during the pandemic to form Sketching Youth: Calvin Sevin (vocals), Chicko (guitar), and Rick Doyle (bass).

They’ve racked up over 20K plays on Spotify, are in a distribution deal with Warner Music, and recently touched down from being on tour.

The concept of the upcoming album, and Sketching Youth themselves, is not only a means of self-expression and experience, but also a way to bring younger generations together and, in the band’s own words, “giving them the space to express themselves and showing the world their potential.”

The LP’s themes are about, young life, love stories, discovering who you are, and dealing with new responsibilities.”

Take a look at some of the music videos Sketching Youth have put out before the album drops:


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