How to Make It in Hollywood by Curtis Eller’s American Circus

Curtis Eller's American Circus is thrilled to announce the release of their latest phonographic recording, "How to Make It in Hollywood"! The new album is collection of glittery show tunes, sentimental tear-jerkers and jagged rock & roll rave-ups whose lyrics are populated by two-bit prize fighters, Hollywood has-beens, lapsed gospel singers and forgotten pop-stars. A lavish, Hollywood, dance sequence unfolding on the floor of a Chicago meatpacking plant in 1894. Lace up your dancing shoes!

Pre-release copies of the CD available exclusively from the official website!

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The American Circus is:
Curtis Eller: banjo & lead vocal
Louis Landry: drums, keyboards, harmony vocal
Shea Broussard: harmony vocal, percussion
Dana Marks: harmony vocal, jumping bean

Visit online to order the CD and inspect the tour schedule.
Curtis Eller's American Circus

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