NY State band The Racer have a large catalog of Indie Pop in the vein of everything from Sigur Ros to The National

The Racer is set to release their 7th studio album BLUSH with Mint 400 Records on August 5, 2022. After their last release of BANG BANG BANG in 2020, the trio of Pete Marotta, Michael Esserman, and Eric Sosler decided to take a more group approach at writing the record and letting the sound come naturally instead of any one member directing a specific song. After a meticulous process of working through demos that all three members shared a connection for, the ten track album feels refreshing with a mix of old and new vibes for the band. The first single "93" premieres today right here and then Friday July 15th the single hits streaming services.

The band had been on a little bit of a break over the course of the last 2 years while Sosler and Esserman released a handful of releases under the moniker A Carousel Moon as well as Sosler’s solo project No Great Pretender. However there is a different vibe and magic that happens when Marotta gets involved in the mix. By all means though please do yourself a favor and check out everything associated we this bunch because they are a talented group.

The band says BLUSH is about the choices we make every day and how we look at the world and the massive impact it has on our life. It is about a person living parallel lives based on the choices they make. In one life, the person thrives because they choose to look at the world with positivity, hope, and love and in the other life they fall into despair because they choose to look at the world with negativity, bitterness, and anger.  

"The single "93"  is about a memory of a past love that sustains this individual through dark moments in their life and allows the individual to find hope because they still believe in the possibility of true love."
- Pete Marotta (Vocals & Guitar)

BLUSH was produced and written by The Racer and mixed by Michael Esserman



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