Steel City crew drop Spring-ready pop-punk anthem, with new EP in the works

Pittsburgh quartet Old Neon have dropped heart-rendering pop-punk anthem "Empty Frames"

The band purvey a gilt-edged brand of modern alternative, fusing emo and indie/punk on the new single, which shows that requited love can still be hard.

Speaking on the track, the band's Sean Michael explains: "The song is about developing feelings for someone who is emotionally unavailable and how lonely it can feel. More lonely, however, when upon expressing those feelings, finding it was not one-sided; whilst not an unrequited feeling, one that will never be alive in the way you want."

Michael continues: "You sort of all at once become aware of all of these beautiful tiny moments you share, while realizing that they were shared without either side expressing them."

Old Neon have quickly established themselves as one of Pittsburgh's hottest exports, fusing intricate indie rock with 2010's shaded emo and infectious pop punk sensibilities. The Steel City outfit have shown both graft and craft, with a consistent output of new music since their debut single "Highlights". The track featured on 2023's debut album Can't Fucking Wait, alongside the the anthemic "Warmer Weather" and thoughtful "Jumpstart". Having just been announced for their second consecutive Four Chord Music Festival this summer, Old Neon join a stacked bill including Something Corporate, A Day To Remember and The All American Rejects and their latest output shows why the band should be firmly at home in this lineup. Following on from March release, "Keep You Misery", new single "Empty Frames" is a hook-laced, summer-ready singalong, with Old Neon offering up a deft balance of accessible pop sensibility and emo introspection.

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