Old and broken skateboard decks get new life in the form of cool electric guitars. Each “Skate Guitar” is handmade in the Galasso Guitars workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The brain child of master luthier/old school skater Ezequiel Galasso and professional skateboarder/musician Gianfranco de Gennaro, Skate Guitars are handmade from two repurposed skate decks a piece. The duo embrace the scrappy nature of the used decks, noting that the 14 layers of pressed maple that make up a skate deck are rugged enough to withstand the hardest rocking out, without the musician having to worry about marring a pristine guitar. Skate Guitars, like skate decks, are designed to take abuse. Plus, they look and sound badass. You can visit the guys and see what they're up to on their Facebook page but don't expect to see a shopping cart since they haven't quite figured out how to meet demand and maintain the high standards they have for these hand crafted beauties.  https://www.facebook.com/sktgtr