South Jersey/Philadelphia grunge/punk band UgLi crack open a roiling and relevant track.

South Jersey/Philadelphia-located grunge/punk/rock band UgLi dig into some pretty serious and personal subject matter on their upcoming album Fuck, to be released this spring.

The LP was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dave Downham at Gradwell House studio in Haddon Heights, New Jersey.

The band kicked off in 2018, performing at basement venue Club Germ in Pennsauken. They expanded their reach through 2019, playing loads shows in Philadelphia and releasing debut EP Scattergood, which was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Nick May at Club Germ.

UgLi’s current line-up consists of Dylan Wagner (vocals, guitar), Teddy Paullin (drums), Andrew Iannarelli (guitar), and Lucas Gisonti (bass). The band members are releasing a run of singles ahead of the album drop, including the angst-filled “Bad Egg.”

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of “Bad Egg,” a track alternately simmers with reflective frustration and breaks out with roiling guitar fire and emotively raw, but relatable sentiments.

Wagner’s lyrics are very personal and usually deal with what the singer has gone through in life, both the good and the bad.

But even though they speak to specific feelings and experiences, the words can still take on various meanings, depending on how the listener views them.

Wagner, who is a queer trans woman, concurs, revealing, “The song “Bad Egg,” can be interpreted in a lot of different ways, but I basically wrote it in a fit of frustration. The song was me exploring this weird world of post-transition life; what it means, and how I navigate it.”

“Before I came out, it seemed like ‘El Dorado,’ this utopia that would fix every problem in my life. But now that I’m here, I realize that I’m still just like a person with a lot of issues that I still have to work out, and there never was and never will be this moment of a fix-all.”

“That’s kind of where the name comes from; the term ‘Egg’ is basically someone who is suspected to be in denial about being trans, or hasn’t realized it yet. And once you come to terms with it, that’s usually referred to as your egg cracking. So I kind of saw myself in this way, that like after my egg had cracked, the inside had gone rotten because I never actually took care of myself or a lot of the struggles I deal with.”

Keep an eye peeled for an accompanying music video for “Bad Egg,” done in conjunction with Tony Goggles of D.I.Why? at Exit 7a Creative Studios and Services, that will get served up this March



“Bad Egg” lyrics:


Water, stained
My flesh
Washing, rinsing
What's left
Granite, fractured
My head
Back when, I was
An egg

Oh I know
I know

I don't wanna go back now
I don't wanna cry anymore
Well I've been waiting my whole damn life
For just this, moment
And I'm searching for that high note
Grasping for survival
Well, what the fuck do I know
I know
I know

Eating, feeding
Breathing, leaving
My nest

I'm burning
I'm burning
I'm burning

Things have been so different now
I don't know who I was before
So much time has passed just waiting for that, moment
And I'm searching through reflections
All that I've neglected
Well, look at what my meds did
Meds did
Meds did

Over easy now
Over easy now
Over easy now

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