The mystical/psyche-inspired NYC-based band just dropped a compelling new EP.

Alternative metal/progressive rock group Vajra’s look and sound seems like it comes from another continent far away from their New York City environment; a mysterious and foreboding place that maybe exists in the mind’s eye and nowhere on Earth.

Vajra’s members mix heavy metal/rock with atmospheric, sinuous, and mystical ambience to create an alluring, yet dangerous sound.

In keeping with their compelling music, the band recently released two striking music videos, rich in symbolism, one of which is NSFW (not that most of us are working in an office space anymore).

Vajra justreleased a new EP titled Irkalla on January 15th via Thunder Cult Records. It’s the first record in a trilogy that explores mystical consciousness and even its name holds deep meaning, with irkalla being the Sumerian/Akkadian name for the underworld.

Journey with an intrepid heart and open mind into the dark realm that Vajra have created…




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