Melodic alt-rock band Search & Seizure release a powerful track from their upcoming EP.

Kansas City-based melodic alternative rock band Search & Seizure will drop their latest EP, titled Outer Space, on March 6th. Outer Space follows up 2016’s Turning Tides, and Intersections from 2018.

Search & Seizure features veteran musicians from various bands, including The Casket Lottery and Red Line Chemistry. Their new EP chronicles the breakdown of relationships and other life challenges with a been-there, spirited attitude.

Gene Abramov (vocals, guitar), Dave Fyten (guitar), Luke Baker (bass, vocals), and Jason Trabue (drums) have all lived through the hard times, but have experienced good times as well and they focus on a balanced perspective with their outlook and lyrics. They explain succinctly, Life is short and we’re all going to die. Let’s at least have fun while we’re here.”

Tuneful lead single “Repeater” arrived near the end of January and now Rebel Noise is psyched to host the premiere of powerful second single “Missing Person.”

It’s a harder-rocking track from the EP that dials up the intensity. Heavily pounded drums create a forceful forward momentum, while a stormy sea of distorted guitars and bass line undertow carries away the melodic chorus sections. The passionate vocals likewise swirl in the guitars-drenched mix, adding to the ‘drowned-in-sound’ sonics.

The band reveal details about the meaning behind “Missing Person,” explaining, "Missing Person" is the first song on our new EP, Outer Space. This song is about a relationship in which one person changes over time, fundamentally drifting away from who they once were, while the other person struggles to find the person they once knew. We feel like “Missing Person" in particular sets the tone for the EP and, in fact, the title of the EP comes from the first verse in the song. It’s a metaphor for feeling far away from a person and/or a situation.”

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