Phoenix, AZ-based pop punk band No Refills drops an lyrically acerbic, yet sonically upbeat new tune.

Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, pop punk/post-hardcore outfit No Refills will be releasing their latest album, Panic Interlude, independently on January 1st.

No Refills are known for their fresh hybrid sound that at times includes alt-rock and EDM elements. Tyler Drosendahl (guitar vocals), Adam West (drums), Matthew Bacsalmasi (bass, vocals), and Kris Radtke (guitar, vocals) create catchy and enthusiastic numbers that are perfect for blasting out loud.

Ahead of the LP drop, they’re unveiling their new tune “Steady AIM,” and Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of the single.

“Steady AIM” is a sonically upbeat, yet lyrically acerbic track that’s full of sing-song melodies, driving instrumentation, and cheerful snark.

The dynamics of “Steady AIM” are a reminder of what energetic live shows are like as we all chafe at the bit to attend concerts again… And it also sends the message that we all have to carry on and enjoy the present moment. As the band puts it, “This song is a great reminder to make the best of the world around you.”

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