Welsh indie slacker/garage rock band Los Blancos is set to drop a double A-side via Libertino Records.

Welsh indie slacker/garage rock is alive and kickin’ in the form of Cardiff-based band Los Blancos, with core members Osian (guitar, vocals), Gwyn (guitar, vocals), Dewi (bass, vocals), and Emyr (drums) delivering gritty and dynamic to reflective and melodic tunes.

Los Blancos’ latest release is the double A-side of “Cadw Fi Lan” and “Ti Di Newid”.

“Cadw Fi Lan” is the calmer of the two tracks, featuring a laid-back beat and silky guitar flow. Languorous vocals roll out in the Welsh language (buttery Scottish-like curls but with less pointed emphasis), following the stream of twangy and reverb guitar and cymbals shimmer.

The smoldering “Ti Di Newid” adds indie rock guitar grime to the mix and sing-talking vocals on the verses. The chorus sections lift off with a richer sound and exclaimed vocals that only build higher as the song chugs along, until ultimately blazing out with a dynamic ending.

Los Blancos’ influences for these two songs include the Velvet Underground, The Replacements, and early Y Cyrrff. The band is planning on releasing their long-awaited debut album before the summer season.

“Cadw Fi Lan” and “Ti Di Newid” will drop on February 8th via premier Welsh music label Libertino Records.




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