Ohioan rock band Brat Curse accelerates the pace on a driving and agitated track from their upcoming second LP.

Dayton, Ohio-located punky and poppy rock band Brat Curse are readying the release of their second self-titled album on August 2nd via Anyway Records.

Taking their cue from a wealth of great Ohioan guitar bands (Gaunt, Guided by Voices, Swearing at Motorists, more), Brat Curse combine ‘90s-era alt-rock with pop-oriented melodies and punk attitude.

Brothers Brian Baker (guitar, vocals) and Justin Baker (bass), and Chris Mengerink (drums, vocals) formed Brat Curse in 2014 as the latest band in their already-full music duties. Those other acts include Dana and Sega Genocide (Brian Baker), WV White (Justin Baker), and Good Shade (Mengerink). Newer addition to the group Joe Camerlengo (lead guitar) also plays in the outfits Van Dale, Counterfeit Madison, and Blanket Boys.

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of “Who Do You Call”, a tuneful and super-dynamic cut off the upcoming album. Brat Curse accelerate the pace with driving force, plowing ahead with sharply angular guitar lines, jumping-bean bass line, and agitated, double-time drum hits. Vocals are rough, but melodic, and delivered in a tossed-off, sing-song tone. The refrain goes straight to the brain and remains there indefinitely.

Brat Curse will be touring extensively during the second half of this year.




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