"Legendary," "pioneers," Los Angeles' TERRORIZER belong among those few bands that have truly shaped the face of Grindcore and Death Metal. Now, the day has finally come to turn rumors into an unstoppable reality! Darker Days Ahead, the band's highly anticipated second album, will be released August 22nd, 2006 via Century Media Records.

With an aggression and ferocity until then unheard the band took the scene by storm with the 1989 release of their highly acclaimed and genre-defining debut album, World Downfall (Earache Records). The album installed the band as a cult institution, despite their prompt disbanding, and the musicians went on to concentrate on their future main bands: Pete Sandoval (drums) with Morbid Angel and Jesse Pintado (guitars) with Napalm Death.

With World Downfall TERRORIZER created the Reign In Blood of Grindcore inspiring a generation of bands, their popularity never waning through these intervening years. The massive amount of available bootleg recordings and band merchandise, as well as rumors of a follow-up album, kept the TERRORIZER name alive.

The eleven new tracks, as well as a new version of the band's classic "Dead Shall Rise" now entitled "Dead Shall Rise V.06", were recorded at Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez' DOW Studios (Morbid Angel, Christian Death) resulting in a more mature, sinister piece of Death/Grind, fuelled with contempt and a harsh outlook on the status of our present and future world. Darker Days Ahead is trademarked by Jesse Pintado's and Tony Norman's (Morbid Angel, ex-Monstrosity) unmistakably feral sounding guitar tone and Pete Sandoval's skin-flaying blast beats. Joined by vocalist Anthony Rezhawk (Resistant Culture), who renders an outstanding performance, TERRORIZER unleash a brutal tempest predicting the darkest of days.

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