Meet an impactive rocking alt-pop band, who have been developing on the punky grassroots circuit. The Outers have started uploading music, in turn planting the seeds of a genuine fan base with their festive live presence.

First Sight is about a charismatic young man who falls in love for shallow reasons and ends up trapped in a relationship, having his once loved one turn into a control freak who sucks the life out of him over the years. His friends see what is happening, from the outside, but have no power to unravel the situation.

The Outers are industrious and have been writing and recording (exciting) new material - some previously unheard tunes will be revealed during their end of August set at Paper Dress Vintage when ‘First Sight’ releases on August 31st and will introduce them to the next chapter of their story.

What are people saying about the band?

"The band’s Blondie-Blur toned, folky-voxed dynamics and word of mouth recommendations are picking up positivity from feedback, friends and radio play" - Louder Than War

“Mixing anthemic Britpop tunes with a hefty dose of the groove that era so often sorely lacked and a singer who spends almost as much time in the front row of the crowd as she does owning the stage” - Joyzine

The song releases with a new video on Thursday