Bridge Nine Records Set To Release Underdog Discography - ‘Matchless’ - On May 18

Bridge Nine is releasing NYHC legends Underdog's discography. The release, entitled "Matchless," will include both 'The Vanishing Point' and the Demos on CD / double LP. Bassist Russ Iglay said, "This release has been a long time coming. We're glad that it's going to see the light of day this Spring on Bridge Nine and we can't wait to get out there and play more shows this year!" Buzz has been re-building around the band since their performance at last year's Burning Fight show in Chicago - expect to see Underdog on the road this summer in support of this release.

Underdog have been a staple in the hardcore scene since their inception in the 1980s. The two key, constant elements of Underdog during their span of four years were Richie Birkenhead (vocals) and Russ "Wheeler" Iglay (bass) who decided to form a band while talking at CBGB in 1985. These two NYHC matinee regulars and longtime skateboarders were indeed at opposite ends of the spectrum in temperament and circles they ran in. Case in point: Richie did time with Youth of Today and Russ with Murphy's Law. Underdog was also one of the first punk bands with deep roots in skateboarding, and skating still remains a focal point in the life of the band. Richie, while fronting Underdog, raised the bar in NYHC during those years, in a scene filled with aggro, straight-up hardcore bands that concentrated more on athletic, than vocal prowess and melody on stage. He prowled the stage, commandeered the crowd and could switch from a guttural scream to the voice of a choir boy in a split second. Russ, well known for his Andy Capp, drink up, devil may care, knuckle-up persona equaled Richie in the stage presence department, swinging off ceiling pipes and taunting the crowd all while keeping the rhythm section tightly pumping with kid brother Dean Joseph (Iglay, stolen from Jersey Shore pranksters Good Humor), who replaced original drummer Gregg very early on and remained a permanent member. Underdog became a hugely popular musical hybrid capable of playing shows with any other band while winning new followers along the way.