The Angel City Outcasts are a streetpunk band from Los Angeles, California. Emerging from the ashes of Youth Rebellion and the split-up of Broke ‘til Thursday, ACO was started in early 2002 with Alex Brugge on lead vocals, Alex Zabolotsky on bass, Bob Zamudio on rhythm guitar and vocals, Ryan Scooby Dooby on drums and Artack Boroyan on lead guitar and vocals. The roots of the Outcasts’ own brand of street noise are in such classic punk bands as Cocksparrer and Blitz, while they draw much of their inspiration from a broad spectrum of musical genres ranging from Old Country, Folk, Blues and Traditional Reggae/Ska to straight Rock ‘n Roll and Metal. The outcome of this is one hell of a powerhouse quintet supercharged with urgency and powered by Whiskey. Welcome to the Wild Wild West.


Alex B: Vocals Tak: Lead Guitar/Vocals Bob: Rythem Guitar Alex Z: Bass Ryan: Drums


Los Angeles, California, USA



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