Capricorn USA was born in February 2004. I was sitting at home jamming on bass along to Lemmy and the boys and thought to myself, "Self? A Motorhead tribute band would be cool as hell." So I called Dizzo, who I've known for 20+ years and had been in a few bands with since the 80s, and asked if he was interested. Obviously he was. A few days later I called Fast Chris, who had just left his band Arsis, which was my fave local band. We had been talking about putting something together for a few weeks and he was very interested in the Motorhead project. He said he knew an available drummer and Filthy Fowler was brought into the fold. I really though long and hard about doing just the standard 3 piece Motorhead line up, but I like having the full sound of 2 guitars live, so that's what we're doing.

So begins what we hope to be a long journey of playing Motorhead songs for the true fans and hopefully influencing some new fans.


Phlemmy, Dizzo, Fast Chris & Filthy Fowler


Suffolk, Virginia, USA



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