They were found underneath the mud plains of Grizzletown. Originally, they fought for the armies of FuckAll. Seedy, dirty outcasts that lived off the mentality of "rotten."Until one day they found the light, the despicableness of it all. One was a bottom feeder, another was plain dirty, and the other, well, he gave up the powers of the troglodyte for the force of the BigTyme. All in all, the trio of miscreant sludge fucks became what seems to be The Despicables! ~ low-down, mean & dirty….and that's ok


Big Tyme - Mean String Machine & Whoopi Mic CatFish - Bottom Feeder & Beatsticks Dirty Dave - Pluglines & Howlin’


Los Angeles, California, USA



Years Active



Fuckin Hooch! Eggs and bacon at 3:00 am after gettin trashed-faced in Grizzletown. Oblivians, Mummies, Lord High Fixers, Reagan Youth, Poison 13, The Hookers, MurderCity Devils, ........

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