the fetus fukkers are a hardcore/crust / thrash attack from san jose caalifornia,  we met about a year ago, john and justin were in a band called civil libertys. the cl's broke up and all went thier own ways, justin and i(cris aka donky) tryed starting an oi band but neither of us were to into we over summer we all got bored and decided to form a band, origionally we were lookin for a guitarist but after not finding one , we decided to stay bass dums and vox. we now have a repitore of 12 songs and have performed 2 times be on the look out fetus fukkers will rule you!


John Libertys- Vocals, Donky Lips-Drums, Justin-Bass


San Jose, California, USA



Years Active



spazz, anal cunt, ds 13, assrash, filth, aus rotten, toxic narcotic, skarp, charles bronson, capitalist casualties, not in the face


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