We started our band in our sophmore year of high school, which was 2000. We are now starting our senior year, and this year we are going to record a demo to help our music get us out of the shithole town we live in.

People say we sound a lot like nirvana mixed with silverchair. We have been playing around this area for a while but haven't been able to get a very big fanbase because people around here are only into hardcore punk. During this year and after we get out of high school, we are going to start playing out-of-state to get an even larger fanbase. So if there is any booking agents or managers out there looking for bands, give me a call.


Tyler Yeager-Guitar, Vocals, Joe LaBarbera-Vocals, Joe McDonald-Bass, Nate Harvey-Drums


Danville, Pennsylvania, USA


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Nirvana, Greenday, Silverchair, Blink 182


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