THE HAS BEENS formed in December of 2001, when I (Jerm) moved to Claremont from Palm Springs.  I'd been in like 8 bands before then so I was looking to start a new one of course.  So, I end up finding some people but things didn't usually work out.  So, we had like 10 various members over the next couple months 'cuz everyone in L.A. is a flake.  Anyway, I finally call up these guys named Kris and Dawayne from my last band NO DIFFERENCE and then the rest is history.  We will keep on sucking til the end of time.


Jerm - Bass/Vox Kris - Guitar Dawayne - Drums


Upland, California, USA


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Minor Threat, NOFX, Black Flag, Government Issue, NUFAN, Bad Religion, The Ramones, Rudimentary Peni, Youth Brigade, Rancid, etc.


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