The Nicoteens began in the summer of 1995. Influenced by the pop punk scene that was all the rage back then, we wrote dumb short songs about nothing in particluar that made people laugh their asses off. We released a split CD with The now defunct Dyslexics (now the Mormons) in 1997 and through the years following up to 2000, we put out a 7" and had tracks on three comps. We split up in 2000 and have reunited as of 3/03. If you see us play, you're guaranteed to either leave the gig with a smile, or wanting to kill us cuz we made fun of you.


Bryant-Vocals, Mikey- Guitar, Vocals, Chris-Bass, Drew-Lead Guitar, Mike-Drums, Vocals


Los Angeles, California, USA


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Weasel/Ramones/Queers/Smoking/Drinking Heavily


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