Inspired by the riot grrl female aggression music revolution, Riot This came to be. After our tries of playing from our individual previous bands(Sonia and the kidney stones, The Feud, and Procrastination) we decided to put our musical talents together and create the next generation of "riot grrls". Inspired by bands such as bikini kill, sleater kinney, L7, babes in toyland, lunachicks,melt banana and so on, we smashed our brains together and created RIOT THIS. We come from the Baldwin Park, Norwalk, Los Angeles So Cal scene and we wanna put some actual intelliagence into the "punk" scene. We're tired of seeing all the same bands who got nothing better to say then fuck this and fuck that. We wanna revolutionize and open your eyes to the real deal of whats goin on in our world. We're hear to tell you that women still to do suffer, that there is still no complete equality between mankind, that there are leaders in our countries and states who are stealing money and sending us to our deaths. Besides that though we are also a kick ass band! The vocals rage, the guitar can rip, the bass can jam, and the drums can destroy! Riot This will stand up for human rights and bring the equality we search for and with no doubt rock your fucking ass off!


LiZ-Vocks Fernando-Guitar Celeste-drums


Los Angeles, California, USA



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