the idea for shove it started way back in 1996, when nick and dave (who were like 9) wanted to start a band. the only difference is they were too be called super cool losers. SCL got started in the fall of 2002 with nick on drums and dave on bass, and joe on guitar. the band broke up quickly due to differences in views, and lack of productivity. Nick and DAve continued to play together and tried desperately to find someone who was interested in their music to play guitar or bass (dave could play both). Nick getting frustrated more and more each day started to write lyrics. The lyrics were sent to dave who fixed them up and made them sound decent. One day, nick's friend from school, justin, told nick he was getting back into drums, and wanted to check out punk rock. nick introduced him to punk rock, and justin was hooked. nick and dave now faced a dilema. they found a third and final member, but he played drums, and that was nicks spot. since nick had always wanted to sing and jump around he announced he would move to bass and lead vocals and let justin drum. the band was now a realband. after hearing one his classmates rant about how dumb punx and punk rock was, and how all that it is a bunch of morons who just say the most crass irrelevant things, nick had an idea:make the name the most irrelevant and crass comment. he came up wiht the name SHOVE THIS, and justin and dave approved. nick kept writing lyrics, and they had their first band practice in september 2003. they wrote 3 songs that day, which was pretty good considerring nick jsut started bass that day , and jsutin just resumed drums after about a 3 year break. the music was writtn by the incredible dave, who came up with the most amazing shit. they had 2 more practices and wrote about 10 songs total and will be recording them soon at cyanide star studios. peace!


nick-bass/vocals dave-guitar/vocals justin-drums bums and mums


Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA


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ramones clash dri casualties antiflag JFA dead kennedys misfits nofx osker allister oddmanout-local 518 teh unseen AGT bad religion BLACK FLAG rancid mdc sum 41 clit 45 GBH motorhead


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