Unskilled Labor is an all origional band from Binghamton NY , whose members include Justin Wheaton on guitar, harmonica and vox, Kevin LaBarr on vox and keys, Jesse Kuk on upright bass,Will Webster on lead guitar and Joe Kupillas on percussion. We describe our music as modern-ethnic-bio-feedback music

Formed in 1998 as your everyday garage band, Unskilled Labor was simply a few friends who got together to play music and to escape the day to day bullshit of jobs, boring conversations and the general evils of the world.

The band has gone through a few members over the years between members going to mental institutions, rehab, or the need to go across country and escape the gloom of the burned out industrial city of Binghamton,NY. Somehow through all the ups and downs Unskilled Labor managed to keep the music going. Unskilled Labor has always been about the music but mainly lyrical content, not about money, having an audience or local fame.

We have stuck to the unique origionality of our music we create. Having been called hippies by punks and punks by hippies, Unskilled Labor does not fit into one type of music genre. Our influences come from a vast array that varies by each band member. When we come together to play the beauty of music we are not confined to one format. Whatever happens , happens…........

            Having just released our first full length album "Technical Animal Fat Not Meant For Human Consumption"  (recorded in a live format so It didn't get too warped) Unskilled Labor is a solid band and moves on to the next level of our musical madness. With lyrically driven songs like " Everyones Been Through Enough" and " Scriptured Journey" to the country type sound of "Young Man The Age 16".

Unskilled Labor keeps its music real and down to earth. We are not a rich band with shitloads of fancy equipment , just a bunch of fucked up musicians with low paying jobs.


Justin Wheaton-guitar, vox Kevin LaBarr-vox, keys Jesse Kuk-Upright bass Joe Kupillas-percussion


Binghamton, New York, USA



Years Active



The Clash, Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, David Byrne, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash


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