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Straight outta the slums of Northwest Denver, SACK is a mysterious band of party punks with songs about bongs, bikers, and brothels. Like any disreputable gang, they've had some rotating members, but on "Ripper!" it's Kody (of The Lillingtons, Teenage Bottlerocket), a couple of shredders from Peru, a gym teacher, and the neighborhood electrician (which they say comes in handy). They recorded 12 songs at The Blasting Room and now these headbangers plan on touring (read: crashing house parties) across the land. For fans of Turbonegro, FEAR, The Dwarves, Motorhead, etc.


Rebel Noise had a chance to catch up with Joe Camel (Drums and Bong Tech) and here's what the camel had to say:

This will be SACK’s first time on the East Coast.  Historic shows!  Plus there’ll be cheesesteaks, crab cakes, NYC pizza, etc.  Ya think you Colorado hippies can hack it out in these tough towns?!?
We are from North Denver, so I think we are gonna be just fine, the Northside here just saw their first Starbucks and craft beer bar only like a few years ago, so we good!  As far as food, we bring our own green chili and tortillas to make food taste good once it’s cooked. 

SACK is from Denver, but you and your brother are originally from Peru.  What’s the best Peruvian Punk story you got for us?
Well… there are way too many and if you really wanna hear some funny Peruvian stories by real Peruvian motherfuckers, then you should prolly get your ass to the show and hear it from us.  Bring weed. 

You guys have been compared to Turbonegro, Dayglo Abortions, and The Dwarves… those bands are pretty wild.  Roman Candles shot outta buttcracks, and so on.  You think it’s a good idea to have such a raunchy rep?!
We don’t do the Roman Candles out the ass, but you should ask us about the Cocoa Puffs up the ass next time you’re at a show.  Bring a straw!  (And bring weed too.)

Your singer Bruzzy looks a lot like the dude from Lillingtons and has maybe the longest microphone cord in the game.  How long is that thing and WTF is he doing with it?
Yeah, we get that a lot.  As far as the microphone cord, it has to be long to allow bathroom breaks during the set (lots of beer drinking), and I encourage people not to touch either the cord or the microphone.

Your songs make reference to a mystical wizard named Mr. Bong.  What’s his story and will he be joining the tour?
We like to get stupid high before shows and try to fuck shit up… Mr. Bong is a real thing from a real bong ripper that threw a sick-ass party and shit got way out of hand, so Mr. Bong was lost, but he has returned and now he is safe with us.  Mr. Bong always joins the party as long as I remember to bring the motherfucker.  Come see for yourself!

SACK’s upcoming tour dates:

3/2 - Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery
3/3 - Philadelphia, PA @ Silk City
3/4 - NYC, NY @ Brooklyn Monarch
3/5 - Boston, MA @ O'Brien's Pub


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Thanks Joe! See ya on the road.

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