Guitarist Sean Chamilian of SoCal punk rock band Runaway Kids chats about their sound, upcoming shows, and current fave music.

Los Angeles-located punk rock band Runaway Kids have been on the move over the past few years, releasing a debut EP in 2015 and dropping several singles, including two this past May.  Rebel Noise recently premiered a live acoustic version of their powerful tune “I Remember” and the band plans to continue to deliver more music in the near future. Runaway Kids have some shows coming up and a full U.S. tour in the works.  Find out more info from Sean below:

Hi Sean!  It's been an exciting few years since you formed Runaway Kids in 2014.  Do you still have the same passion and drive as when you first started out?

YES… Even more so now. We’ve taken control over when we put out music and what we do with the band, so it’s been refreshing to feel the fun in being a band again.

Would you describe your sound as alternative rock, hardcore, punk, or a mix of all of those styles?

I would describe it as a mix of rock and punk for sure. Definitely has an element of pop in it as well.

You released your debut EP Better Days in 2015.  Lyrically, you tackle the turmoil of the individual, as well as familial and social (dis)connections. Is you intent to also have the listener extrapolate these themes to the messed-up political world?

Technically none of our songs that are released are politically driven. But we definitely want listeners to take our lyrics and relate them to whatever it is they need to relate it to, whether it be politics or not… just as long as they’re listening and thinking.

Randy Bradbury of Pennywise tracked bass on all the songs of Better Days.  How did you snag him?

We played “Bro Hymn” outside of his house for 32 hours straight until he finally came outside. Either that or our producer at the time, Cameron Webb, called him up and asked him to play. I can’t remember the exact story.

What's the SoCal music scene like and has it been good to you?

SoCal music scene is very diverse. As far as the punk rock scene goes, it’s very welcoming. California has so many roots in punk rock that it’s sometimes a little intimidating to be a new band trying to gain respect, but we’ve definitely been warmly welcomed.

You dropped two new singles, "Take It All" and "Fade Away", in May.  Why did you decide to release singles and not a whole EP or LP?

We feel like singles keep people’s attention more nowadays. Rather than drop 10 songs that people are stoked on for a month, we’ll drop a single every month or so and keep Runaway Kids at the top of everyone’s playlists.

You’ve already toured with Pennywise and Strung Out and you have some fresh tour dates coming up.  Who will you be sharing the stage with?

We just announced a couple dates with Dead Kennedys, TSOL, and Dwarves… which is absolutely mind-blowing. We also have a full U.S. tour that we have yet to announce with a pretty awesome punk band. Keep your eyes peeled for that one!

We here at Rebel Noise recently premiered your acoustic video for the track “I Remember”, which comes off of Better Days.  What sparked you to record this number in an acoustic manner?

We had jammed the song acoustically just for practice, and it sounded way cooler than as a full band with electric guitars and whatnot. So we said, hey, let’s fucking do this and release it. 

Well over half of the US has been living under a dark cloud since Trump fudged and forced his way into the presidency with a destructive message of lies, hate, and fear. How are you fighting his, and his cronies, damaging words and actions?  Through your music and/or by other means?

Personally as an individual, just being a good person and spreading positivity is all I can do, whether it be through the music we release, or just interactions with people every day.

At this point in time, what is your go-to album/song/act or artist to listen to when you want to get pumped up and look forward to a better day?

There’s a few: Shakewell, Pouya, Culture Abuse, Pears, and Turnstile.

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