Disconnect, Disconnect started as a small print zine a few years ago, before deciding that putting on local gigs would be a productive way to help the scene. After relocating and becoming very inspired by the works of other small DIY labels, it was decided to turn the name 'Disconnect, Disconnect' into a record label.

Disconnect, Disconnect will work on a DIY basis, and help bands who are passionate and have something to say.

The first releases were for South Coast melodic punk rock band Death At Sea, with the digital single 'This Punk (Is Not Dead)' available now on Amazon mp3 and itunes, which was followed by a very limited (/40) run of the bands last EP fittingly titled 'Ending It All' which sold out on the bands final tour.

Plans for the future include more digital and physical releases from UK and international bands, as well as comps and splits

Company L, Rebuke, Counterpunch, Mike Scott

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