Three Important Points About Fall Of The West Records:

Not-for-profit. This means that all of the "profit" (if there ever is any) goes back into Fall of the West itself. All of the people involved in running FOTW do it without any monetary compensation. We do it because we enjoy doing it and we really think that music has the potential to change the world.

Collectively-run. All decisions are made by consulting other members involved in running FOTW and by reaching a consensus. While everyone involved acts independently to complete whatever it is they volunteer to do without "supervision", there are no unilateral decisions made.

DIY. Everything that we produce is made in our homes and with our own hands, with a very few exceptions. When there are exceptions to this, we always make it publicly known that something was not made by us. (An example of this is something like pressing for a vinyl release, which we do not have the capability to do ourselves at this point - yet we still print and put together the rest of the packaging.) If there is something that we cannot do ourselves, we try to find another DIY group that can fill that role for us, thus establishing a mutually-supportive relationship.

How We Work With Bands:

We’d also like to take a minute of your time here, if you don’t mind, to explain a little bit about how Fall Of The West works. Our about page explains that we are a DIY label that presses the CDs, prints the artwork, and puts together the packaging ourselves (with the occasional exception). However, as you are the person receiving what we create with the bands – we feel that it would be wise to take a moment to explain to you exactly where your money goes. Obviously, one dollar from each release goes to a Non-profit organization of the artists’ choice. However, money from each album purchased from FOTW also goes directly to the bands (this has an occasional exception if a different process has been worked out with the bands – such as with Captain Chaos). In fact, with these releases, we only take as much money or less than the band receives. This is not necessarily the most financially viable way of operating, we recognize, but we believe it to be the most ethical way that FOTW is in the position to operate under. That means when you receive an album from Fall Of The West Records, you are directly supporting that artist whose music you are enjoying. This is important to us, and we would be ready to speculate that it is important to you as well. This is about working together – for the people who make the music, for the people who help get it out there, and for the people who it touches. So while our prices for albums range anywhere from between 4 to 7 dollars, just recall that a major portion of that is going to the band – and the part that we receive is enough to make up for the amount we put in. While we maybe don’t make much of a "profit" when it comes to money - we think this is the best way to support all bands that work with FOTW, and the most ethical way for us to do so.

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