Started in 2001 as way to put out some good music that was being made by a group of friends in Victoria. Now, even though people have moved on, it still serves as a vessel for local underground music. There is no better way to do shit yourself, than to just do it yourself, and we have jumped through some hoops that you might avoid by just stopping in and saying hi. Whether it be recording, mixing, mastering or artistic design, or helping you find the best manufacturing/duplicating for your needs, odds are we can either do it or point you in the right direction.


(2001) Project Records Vol 1 Compilation - feat. One Drop, Shortfall, Bastard and more.

(2002) Shortfall - The Amount of Such a Failure (LP) - 15 tracks of full blown awesome featuring members that would go on to form One Drop, Cambridge, and more

(2003) Project Records Vol 2 -Bastard and Friends feat. rare solo tracks from One Drop and more

(2006) Cambridge - The Bricks EP - First release from PR's flagship band. 6 tracks and a fuckload of skulls.

(2006) The Grey Army - Random Slander and Senseless Debauchary(Mastering only) Awesome hardcore from Victoria

(2007) Cambridge - A Growing Chorus Against

(2008) Raised By Apes - Destination Nowhere

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