Conceived in 2004, REAPER RECORDS was born with a single statement of intent: to promote bands who follow the true spirit of hardcore. Whether they be foreign or domestic; vital new releases or classic reissues, the mission is to document the music and message with pride, purpose and craftsmanship.

Primary to Reaper is quality of content and the pioneering spirit of our musical forefathers. Remembering and continuing to promote a time when hardcore was an attitude of progress and not merely a cartoon costume and retread sound.

In short, we are a label that believes in the healing power of this sound and culture, we are all the proof. At its best, serving as a beacon; an S.O.S; a grasp at sanity in an insane world. A personal, truthful exchange in all things, including business. The Reaper catalog is not merely a reflection of what was, but the best of the reactions from the lessons learned and a prophecy of what is yet to come.

We live the life we promote. Always have, always will.

Forfeit, Trapped Under Ice

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