REBEL ALLIANCE RECORDINGS is a record label managed by Manchester punk band Sonic Boom Six. As well as releasing their own material and projects, Rebel Alliance will be releasing the music of other artists. We at Rebel Alliance are intent on building a diverse roster of alternative and underground music bound together by the gloriously unfashionable belief that music can still be a positive force for change and that having a social conscience and a challenging outlook isn't mutually exclusive with making music that is exciting, fun and unifying.

At Rebel Alliance, we believe that - with the record industry going through some changes - CDs and music have become a devalued consumer commodity and we choose not to follow the trend of selling hugely discounted CDs. We believe that, within the context of independent artists in the music industry, our CDs are worth every penny you pay and we would hope that you do too. We know first hand that selling one's music for less than we consider it is worth to simply keep up with major labels in crisis does a disservice to underground artists that need a fair return for the investment of their music to continue to make it. Whilst ripping off a customer is the furthest from our mind, we wouldn't dream of ripping off the artist either, so sell our CDs at what we consider a fair price regardless of the discount goods available on wholesale websites, chain stores and some other independent labels We hope that our customers understand this stance and consider the issues it addresses and their own relationship to the independent band/income debate.

Random Hand, Sonic Boom Six

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