Why Tarantulas? Why not.

On the first tour The Explosion went out on, way back in the 90's, Sam said that they should start a gang and call it "The Tarantulas." It sounded random enough, so they decided to give it a try. At first it was just them, and the band they were touring with, The Nerve Agents. They were a gang, and they were tough, but they needed more members to really be a threat on the streets. The Explosion brought The Tarantulas to the east coast, and The Nerve Agents brought it back to the west coast. And so it was born. A full-fledged movement.

Fast forward 6 or 7 years. Many Tarantulas have been added to the ranks and few have left. Those that have left were just dead weight anyway. There have been peaks and valleys, crosses to bear, and good times had by all. Tarantulas may have been underground for the last year or two, but we are crawling our eight legs and hairy backs out onto the street, with our trusty anthem…...."Tarantulas Attack!"

xoxo, Tarantulas Records

Tarantulas Records is back. Get on board, or get out of the way. Thanks! xo TR

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