BARREN WOMB Unleashes Raw Power with ‘Chemical Tardigrade’ Album Debut BARRON WOMB
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

BARREN WOMB continues to defy expectations and push the boundaries of noise rock on their new album!

Norwegian noise rock duo BARREN WOMB is set to unleash their latest sonic endeavor, "Chemical Tardigrade," inviting listeners into a realm of unapologetic experimentation and raw power.

Since their inception in 2011, BARREN WOMB has carved a niche in the Nordic heavy noise rock scene, captivating audiences with their minimalist approach and ear-splitting dynamics. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Melvins, Clutch, Refused, and Big Business, the duo's sonic landscape is a cacophony of defiant energy and relentless riffage.

Following the release of their critically acclaimed fourth album, "Lizard Lounge," in 2020, BARREN WOMB has traversed continents, sharing stages with iconic acts such as Entombed A.D., Voivod, and Conan. From SXSW to Øya, their electrifying performances have left audiences clamoring for more.

"Chemical Tardigrade" marks the duo's fifth studio album, a testament to their resilience and creative evolution. Emerging from the ashes of Like Rats From A Sinking Ship, BARREN WOMB defies the odds, forging a path through the rugged terrain of DIY touring and relentless artistic exploration.

From the tribal percussion of "McLembas" to the chaotic yet focused journey that unfolds across 38 minutes, BARREN WOMB pushes the boundaries of their sonic identity. With ingenious song titles like "D-Beatles," the duo weaves a tapestry of twangy chords and infectious rhythms, defying easy categorization.

Beyond the realm of BARREN WOMB, members Tony Gonzalez and Timo Silvola have pursued musical ventures with Velcro Dog and Twin Serpent, enriching their sonic palette with layers of melody and emotion. Tracks like "Bug Out Bag" and "Campfire Chemist" showcase their extended tonal range, nodding to underground titans like Lanegan and Dulli.

"Chemical Tardigrade" is more than just an album; it's a celebration of the human experience, an act of exorcism both musically and emotionally. Recorded and mixed by Eirik Øien, with illustrations and design by Tony Gonzalez, this release is a testament to BARREN WOMB's unwavering commitment to their craft.

As BARREN WOMB continues to defy expectations and push the boundaries of noise rock, "Chemical Tardigrade" stands as a record that speaks to their enduring spirit and unyielding creativity.

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