Boston’s Trailer Swift Premiere “Racer” Video Off Their Exhilarating ‘Variant’ LP Trailer Swift
Label: Mint 400 Records
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Trailer Swift’s ‘Variant’ LP takes listeners on a profound and emotionally charged musical journey, while their electrifying video “Racer” delves into the high-stakes drama and haunting realities of racing for victory.

In the grand symphony of their latest opus, 'Variant' LP, Trailer Swift masterfully rides waves of sound with profound lyricism and meticulous rhythmic shifts. They unveil the raw emotions and vulnerability that reside within us all. This sonic odyssey, recorded in 2022 under the keen guidance of Ethan Dussault (known for his work with Caspian, On the Might of Princes, and Malleus) at New Alliance in Somerville, MA, and polished to perfection by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East in 2023, stands as a testament to Trailer Swift's musical prowess.

Having previously dazzled audiences with their 2020 6-song EP, "You Are Not What You Do," Trailer Swift channels inspiration from luminaries of riff-driven soundscapes like Hum, Nothing, Pup, and SDRE. However, they traverse a deeper emotional plane, weaving a tapestry of isolation, unfulfillment, and underlying dread with a subtlety that touches the soul of their listeners. Fans have aptly dubbed their musical creation as Angular, High-energy, Fugazi, and At The Drive In - descriptors that only hint at the sonic journey they offer.

But let us now veer into another realm, an electrifying video for a track that beckons exploration - "Racer." A compelling voyage ensues as the pressure of the race intensifies. The glitch in the system sets the stage for a necessary reset, leaving the racer to grapple with uncertainty, fear, and the fragility of existence. In this high-stakes drama, the quest for victory is anything but straightforward, marked by the soaring heights of triumph and the humbling depths of defeat.

As we tread this captivating circuit, the racer's life flashes before us, a stroboscopic memory captured on film or within the fleeting confines of dreams. Static interferes, separating the racer from the race, while walls emerge at every turn, their presence a reminder of the intricate interplay of cause and effect. The mind craves clarity amid this chaotic symphony, a respite from the infinite loop.

Amid this tempest, Trailer Swift dauntlessly confronts the specter of personal limitations. Seeking redemption through victory, the racetrack emerges as an unyielding mentor, ceaselessly repeating its lessons, each lap a new opportunity to overcome past mistakes.

Apparitions of haunting wrecks materialize, remnants of racing helmets stained with blood and sweat, scars from years of crashes etched into their carbon fibers. Still frames echo the horrors of past collisions, casting shadows from the past, the harsh reality of losing control becomes evident. Twisted metal, sulfur, and smoke collide with shattered glass; anguish endured in the pursuit of greatness.

And yet, through each passing lap, the intensity soars, propelling the racer forward with unyielding determination. Triumph, after triumph, shrouded in the adrenaline-fueled haze of gas, heat, and anger.

In a moment of calm, the racer encounters a fleeting glimpse of happiness, a cherished memory shared with someone dear. Alas, like a fleeting dream, it dissipates, vanishing into the ever-encroaching oblivion.

The final lap beckons, a bittersweet symphony of first place, where triumph and transience converge.

Trailer Swift, the architects of this musical saga, paint a powerful portrait of introspection and redemption. Their music is an invitation into the depths of the human experience, to embrace challenges, and to discover the resilience that lies within. Today, we are honored to unveil "Racer" by Trailer Swift, an exclusive premiere here at Rebel Noise, a voyage that is sure to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of all who dare embark on this sonic adventure.

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