Chuck Ragan Resurfaces with Anthemic Single “Echo the Halls” After Seven-Year Hiatus Chuck Ragan
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

After a lengthy hiatus, troubadour Chuck Ragan makes a subtle yet impactful return with “Echo the Halls,” a poignant single blending gritty folk Americana and punk, marking his first release since 2016.

After a protracted hiatus since his last release in 2016, troubadour Chuck Ragan is back with a new single, "Echo the Halls," dropped on Friday, November 17, 2023. For those familiar with Ragan's distinctive blend of gritty folk Americana and the raucous punk vibes of Hot Water Music, anticipation is high, and the release is poised to bridge the gap between his solo work and his punk roots.

Ragan describes "Echo the Halls" as a "simple love story of two unhinged souls searching for a light at the end of a tunnel." The track, which marks his return after contributing to the soundtrack of the videogame The Flame in the Flood, promises to deliver on the soaring and anthemic qualities that define his songwriting.

In a subtle and reflective tone, Ragan acknowledges the often painful aspects of love and reflection in his songwriting, stating, "Songwriting to me has always been about looking deeper into myself to overcome my faults and dark sides, whether I find them myself or learn of them from loved ones."

Known for his warm vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Ragan's music has resonated with audiences for over three decades. As co-frontman of Hot Water Music and a solo artist, he has carved a niche for himself in both punk and folk circles. His live performances, marked by a genuine connection with the audience, have made him a beloved figure in the music scene.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Ragan wears multiple hats as a fishing guide leading fly fishing trips and an author of the book The Road Most Traveled. He has also been the subject of the award-winning documentary Landsick, exploring the delicate balance between music, fishing, and family.

Produced by Todd Beene and Ragan, "Echo the Halls" features Spencer Duncan on bass, George Rebelo on drums, and Beene on guitar and pedal steel. The single, released via Rise Records, serves as a great topper for the year, leaving fans wondering if it might hint at more to come in the future.

So, if you're a Chuck Ragan enthusiast or just curious about what the troubadour has been up to during his musical hiatus, "Echo the Halls" is a musical journey worth exploring. Cheers to the return of Chuck Ragan.

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