PET NEEDS Announces Explosive Third Album, ‘Intermittent Fast Living’ Set to Ignite the Airwaves PET NEEDS
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Essex punk sensation PET NEEDS, under London-based label Xtra Mile Recordings, is set to unleash their third studio album, ‘Intermittent Fast Living’ on February 16, 2024, offering a frenetic and emotionally charged sonic journey that captures the band’s whirlwind rock-n-roll lifestyle.

London-based independent rock label Xtra Mile Recordings is gearing up for an explosive release on Friday, February 16, 2024, as they unveil the latest offering from rising Essex punks, PET NEEDS. Titled "Intermittent Fast Living," this highly anticipated studio album marks the band's third release in as many years and promises to be a sonic rollercoaster inspired by the relentless, breathless, stop-start lifestyle the band has been navigating.

The lead single, "Separation Anxiety," serves as a punk-infused twist on the conventional love song. With breakneck instrumentals, runaway riffs, and offbeat declarations of undying devotion, the track captures PET NEEDS' signature fun-focused and frenetic approach to music-making. Frontman Johnny Marriott shares the unconventional inspiration behind the song, stating, "'Separation Anxiety' is an unconventional, subverted love song about my wife Lorna."

Founded by brothers Johnny (vocals) and George (guitar), PET NEEDS' trajectory has been nothing short of meteoric since their humble beginnings. From their acclaimed debut, "Fractured Party Music," in 2021 to sold-out shows, rave reviews, and global tours with the likes of Frank Turner, The Hives, and Skinny Lister, the demand for these Essex lads has skyrocketed.

However, as they ride the rock'n'roll rollercoaster, PET NEEDS grapples with the challenges of balancing their skyrocketing music career with a steady family life at home. Johnny describes their life as a "dream-like tornado," oscillating between the fast lane of global tours and the security of home.

The upcoming album, "Intermittent Fast Living," is a testament to the band's chaotic dichotomy. The songs, initially conceived in the sanctuary of their spare bedroom, evolved into fully-fledged compositions during an intense creative fortnight at Vada Studios with producer George Perks. Johnny reflects on the process, stating, "With the band, we transform embryonic ideas into huge songs with incredible arrangements of drums, bass, guitars, and more."

"Intermittent Fast Living" is a rush of adrenaline and a tornado of emotion, capturing the essence of a band caught in the whirlwind of the rock'n'roll lifestyle. The album cover art and track listing, featuring songs like "Fingernails," "Lucid," and "The Burning Building," promise an electrifying journey through the highs and lows of PET NEEDS' dynamic musical universe. Mark your calendars for February 16, 2024, as "Intermittent Fast Living" is set to ignite the airwaves and solidify PET NEEDS' place in the pantheon of punk-rock greatness.

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