Album Review
Mark Lind & The Unloved
Label: Sailors Grave Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by thebronx
Never heard of Mark Lind? Well were in the same boat. When I put the album into my computer and muted the game I was playing and took a listen to this the first time I thought it was going to be a whiney Emo album. Well think again, Mark Lind the outgoing back to Boston's' 'The Ducky Boys" isn't afraid to let his feelings do the talking.

Using his upbeat and persuasive tone and slapping in even balanced guitar riffs, popping drum beats Mark Lind put all of his 10 years of experience into this album and it shows. Lind has something to say, and he is using his talent to display it, song one 'Times Forgotten' initiates the theme of this song coming to the listener as if he were in his jail cell rocking out. Each song on this album puts out its own radiance with an up beat tune and the scratchy vocals of Mr. Lind. After listening to this album a couple times and really hearing Lind's punk rock background and his love for music come through I can say my favorite song on this album has to come around song number six "Sadly Beautiful". This song really stood out to me, the thrashing start of the song all the way thru.

Say what you will about it, punk rock is displayed in whatever outlet you feel you should use. Taking punk rock for your angsty point of view or just to let the world know how you feel. However you punk, make it rock.

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