Diamond Heist Album Review
Label: Think Fast! Records
  • 5/5
Reviewed by Waxy Buildup
This the way songs should be...12 songs in under 25 minutes. Hell Yeah! And Smartbomb throws alot of music at ya in those 25 minutes.

Fast, furious and catchy. These 4 guys know how to put it together. A rush of guitars, bass, drums and smart vocals push through these 12 songs and make me wanna shout.

"Who's the Terrorist Now?" Indeed, I think we all know by now who those bastards are. So if you're feeling down about how we're all getting ground down by the greedheads and you have 30 minutes, I would suggest dropping this disc in a player and cranking it to 10!

This is the only Smartbomb we should ever know. So let's go...really fast...

Waxy Buildup

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